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Nadine Alexandra

Nadine Alexandra
Indonesian Contestant in Miss Universe 2011


Birth name                          Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames
Other name                        Nadine Ames
Birth date                           May 23, 1991
Birth place                         England
Height                               1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Hair color                          Black
Eye color                           Brown
Title(s)                               Puteri Indonesia 2010
Major competition(s)          Puteri Indonesia 2010 (Winner)
                                          Miss Universe 2011

Nadine is fluent in English and French. However, there are clumsy with this beautiful virgin, last night Nadine looked nervous in answering questions and he claimed not fluent in Indonesian. Nadine's new 3-year stay in Indonesia so that he is more fluent in English rather than Indonesian. with the election of Nadine Alexandra Ames goddess she will automatically become vice Indonesia at Miss Universe 2011 event next year. whether he could carry the name of Indonesia to the international level?

NADINE Alexandra Dewi Ames traveled to Brazil will follow the Miss Universe 2011, September. Parties Yayasan Puteri Indonesia Nadine target wins. What is the response Nadine?

“I would certainly want to become Miss Universe. But if it does not become champion, I’d love to outperform achievement Puteri Indonesia 2004, Artika Sari Devi who signed a big 15 in Miss Universe 2005, “Nadine said when talking with Legal in the Hall Sasono Wiwoho, KH Road Mangunsarkoro Menteng, Central Jakarta, recently this.

Achieving victory in Miss Universe 2011, for Nadine has a very large. Not only make Indonesia proud, but to prove to everyone that he was worthy of being Miss Indonesia 2010.

“When elected as Miss Indonesia 2010, not a few people who judge me one eye. They told me I was not able and not worthy of being Miss Indonesia, “recalls Nadine.

Therefore, Nadine will be trying to look best in Miss Universe. “When I win, of course they will live,” said the owner of this beautiful eye.

While at the same place, the CEO of Mustika Ratu Princess Kuswisnuwardhani admitted targeting Nadine win and replace the position of Miss Universe 2010, Ximena Mavarrete.

Quarantine Periode
NADINE Alexandra Dewi Ames quarantine period will follow quarantine period of Miss Universe 2011 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. For the past three weeks, Nadine was not enough to bring clothes.

Approximately quarantine period, the daily activity schedule Nadine will be solid with speech, judging, and preparation for the peak night of Miss Universe.A girl  was admitted 20 years will bring clothing, accessories, shoes, and other appearance attributes at least four suitcases.

"At least four suitcases. Surely there every day event, maybe a day to two events; rehearsal for the final, the roads around Sao Paulo, and so on. Every event must have different clothes," she said on the sidelines to Legal fitting dress in a boutique Barli Asmara at Jalan Kerinci VIII No.. 38B, South Jakarta,
(Source Indonesian Supermodel)
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